Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simpson Family Christmas 2008

Our kids woke us up at 3:00, 4:30, 5:00, and finally we got up at 5:30.  Zoe was not a happy camper, she wondered why in the world she had to get up in the dark.  Hallie said she felt "funny", and we realized she had a high fever.  But it was Christmas morning and no one wanted to miss it.  
Our kids always wait on the stairs until we are ready with cameras and stuff.  You can see how great Hallie was feeling. 
Santa brought Stella her girl baby and boy baby!
Santa delivered a Webkinz black poodle to Hallie!
The biggest surprise of all!!!  Santa brought us a puppy!!!  Here the kids are greeting the newest addition to our family.  He is in Jed's arms, it is so hard to see him because he is tiny.  He's a chihuahua and his name is Nacho, in honor of his Mexican heritage and our family's love for Nacho Libre.
Our family has formed a band.  We got Rock Band for Christmas and everyone has been rocking out ever since.  It is super fun!!  Now I think I can play the guitar and sing, watch out!! 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Love Letter Tradition

This Christmas we started a new tradition.  Starting at the beginning of December I printed up a bunch of stationary with the words, "I love you because...", and got a sparkly red mailbox.  I told my family that during the month they could write love letters to the other members of our family and stick them in the mailbox, and then we would read them on Christmas Eve.  They were pretty excited about it.  Stella wrote many love letters throughout the month, and others just wrote one to each member.  These are pictures of us receiving our letters on Christmas Eve and getting ready to read them aloud.  It was a wonderful night and I know everyone felt special and loved.  This is definitely a tradition we will carry on.  

 This is Jed writing his last minute love letters.  I had a couple last minute letters to write too 
(Christmas Eve sure does sneak up on you fast).

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday ZOE!!

Zoe's birthday was on the 20th! Our baby turned 2, I can't believe it! She was so excited opening her presents she was shaking. We also had our annual Shaw family progressive dinner that day, so it was a day full of partying.
When she woke up she got to open her HUGE present! She unwrapped the whole thing all by herself. It was a roller coaster!
Hey guys look what I got! She would not let anyone else have a turn, she proudly declared that it was "MINE!"
Zoe LOVES cookies, so I decided to bake her a giant one for her birthday indstead of cake.

This was her first ride on her new roller coaster!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Update.. Yes he made it down!

The fireman were able to save Santa (of course) from the roof and get him safely down and inside where he could let the children sit on his lap.  He also brought lots of presents for the good little boys and girls.
Santa is not Zoe's best friend yet..
This is Hannah asking for a beam, bars, vault, and springboard!!
Stella was SUPER excited to see Santa and couldn't wait to sit on his lap!  She asked for a boy baby and a girl baby.
Hallie really wants a Webkinz for Christmas, and was so disappointed that Santa didn't bring it to her at that moment.
Tucker is still not too big to sit on Santa's lap.  But the price of his wish list IS getting too big.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa is stuck on the roof!!

We were having our annual Christmas party at the fire department when they got a page that there was a man in red stuck up on the roof! Oh no!! We all ran downstairs to see what was going on and we saw this!
Santa Claus was stuck up on the rooftop! Could the fireman save him?
Watch this video to see the bold rescue.

Does Santa Claus make it down safely? To be continued...

The Snow Dance worked!

We love to play in the snow!
Do I put my mittens on first or my snowsuit?
I want to go outside too!
Hannah was giving her sisters rides on her snowboard down the little hill in the common area.  How talented is that?  

Gingerbread Architects

We decided to get together with our good friends, the Bruneels, and construct some fancy gingerbread houses.  There was a ton of candy, frosting, and creativity.  I think some of the candy even ended up on the gingerbread houses!
This is our finished gingerbread village.  Don't they look cute?
This is our Stella, she decided to turn herself into a gingerbread house and spread frosting all over her shirt! Surprised?  Me neither.
    Zoe's diet consists of strictly candy, so she was in heaven! Her candy never even made it onto her gingerbread house.
The 3 Musketeers, in all their glory.  All the candy they could want at their level and no one telling them no!  I have a cute picture of Eli covered in frosting but it wouldn't upload. 
The artists, formerly known as kids, creating their edible masterpieces.  They worked so hard on them and the finished products turned out so cute!  My kids brought theirs home and had them eaten in about 2 days.  Whoops, I guess we won't have a gingerbread village at our house.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 Days of Fitness

I don't know if any of you are interested in this, but here is a link in case you are. http://www.12daysoffitness.com .  If you are at all into health and fitness it is worth checking out.  Everyday for the next 12 days you'll receive an email about anything from diet and nutrition, mindset and motivation, fat loss, to female fitness to mom's workouts to men's bodybuilding.  They will send info on rapid fat loss routines, six-pack abs programs, back pain rehab, and lots of other things.  These will be either PDF files, downloadable audios, and some videos.  This is all free without any catch.  These fitness professionals just wanted to give back during this holiday season and they are trying to reach a lot of people.  So check it out if you are at all interested.  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Mom, Buddy IS real!"

We had a special visitor come the day after Thanksgiving.  He let us know that he was here on an errand for Santa.  He is to watch over us every day and report back to Santa at night to let him know of our kind deeds, and misbehavior.  We got to give him a name, but we are not to touch him, so his Christmas magic won't go away.  Our family voted, and gave him the name Buddy.  Fred came in a close second.  Santa gave him strict orders not to talk to us, but he can watch over us and follow us around to school, and other places, so long as he does this secretly.  Every morning when we wake up he is in a different spot and my kids love seeing who can seek him out first.  Well, Hallie, who is 5 years old, proclaimed one day early on that Buddy is not real, mom, he is plastic!!  So she was a nonbeliever until, one morning when she woke up, Buddy was watching us from the ceiling fan 16 feet off the ground (Zoe actually found him first that day).  Hallie stated very excitedly, "Mom! Buddy IS real, because no one can reach up there.  He really can fly!".  So we are here to tell you that the Christmas magic is alive and well here at the Simpson home.  

Monday, December 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged!! 8's....

Brittany tagged me so here I go...
8 Shows I like (we only have 6 channels and I don't watch them)
1.  Ok, I occasionally turn on the Today show in the morning
2. What about movies?  How about Ocean's 11
3. Ocean's 12
4. Ocean's 13
5. Teen Witch (anyone seen that one from the 80's?) 
6. Elf
7. Dan in Real Life
8. Oh, I did used to love Alias when it was on
8 things that happened today ( it's only 10 am)
1. I exercised with Tucker
2. I wrote a blog post about 8 things
3. I bathed my 3 girls (still haven't done their hair)
4. I packaged up 4 things I sold on Ebay
5. We did our Christmas traits of Christ chain ( we are working on sharing with others today)
6. I made sack lunches for my kids
7. I have wiped Zoe's nose about 10 times
8. I played Wedgits with my girls
8 Places I like to eat
1. Brick 29
2. Fudruckers
3. Yogees!!!!!!!!!!
4. Taco Time
5. Mona Lisa
6. Lock Stock & Barrel
7. PF Changs
8. Mai Thai
8 things I am looking forward to
1. Increased peace in our home ( I read a fantastic promise from Marion G. Romney that if we will read from the Book of Mormon everyday personally and as a family "the spirit of reverence will increase, mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow, and the spirit of contention will depart.  Righteousness will increase and Faith, hope and charity will abound in our homes and lives".  So we have made a goal of reading from the Book of Mormon everyday!! 
2.  Teaching my children the TRUE  meaning of Christmas
3. Family skiing and togetherness this winter
4. SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to wake surf again 
5. Completing a Triathlon  
6. Seeing my children marry an eternal companion that treats them wonderfully
7. Getting out of the diaper phase
8. Backcountry snowboarding with my husband
8 things on my wish list
1. a big bonus room for Hannah to do all her gymnastics in (we are tired of being kicked in the face)
2. I want to become a personal trainer in the near future
3. seeing my children marry in the temple
4. establishing a house of order
5. getting to the temple more often
6. going back to Hawaii (every winter would be nice) sorry Jed, had to throw that one in for you
7. that we and all of our friends and family will survive this rough economy
8. that Obama hadn't been elected president
8 people I tag
Whoever wants to participate in this is tagged.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Uh oh, is there a Wii-aholics Anonymous?

Hallie has discovered the Wii as of late.  She loves to play Mario Kart!  She is so good at it, she can come in first place most of the time!  When we  play it as a family she is pretty hard to beat.  So this morning I happened upon Hallie and now Zoe playing.  I just had to snap a picture of this cute racing duo.  Notice how Zoe is trying to sit exactly like her big sister?  How cute are they (um, minus the crazy hair, mismatched pj's and dirty faces).  

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

     As I pause to give thanks at this time of the year, I am overwhelmed by the numerous blessings that my Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me.  He has blessed me with my soul mate.  Jed really does truly complete me.  I am amazed at how at 19 years old I wasn't mature enough to look for the things I really wanted and needed in a husband, yet my Father in Heaven was watching out for me and gave me Jed who is everything and more.  I am so blessed to have five healthy beautiful children who strive to choose the right and seem to teach me everyday about living the gospel.  Tucker especially has taught me so many times about faith, charity, and obedience.  I am so grateful to have him as our daughters wonderful example.  
     At the time of this shaky economy I am so thankful that Jed has steady employment with the fire dept.  We don't have to worry if he will still have his job in a week. Although his granite business has seen a sharp decline I am grateful that we are given this opportunity to pause and realign our needs and wants.  We can establish a budget and live up to the challenge of keeping within it.  My testimony has grown with this trial.   I know that this is a blessing in our life.  Heavenly Father still knows us and loves us and is still showering us with blessings.  It has made my testimony of tithing grow.  
     I am so thankful for the Gospel in my life.  I am thankful for a true living prophet in these latter days.  The times are so uncertain and scary, but we have a prophet to look to for guidance and to have peace in knowing that what we are doing is right.  I am grateful for the tools the apostles give us to stay strong and steadfast.  I know that if we continue to do what we are asked, then we will stay strong and our children won't stray far.  I am so extremely grateful for that blessing.  I love the temple.  I love the peace you feel there.  I love leaving the outside world for a bit so that I can feel that calmness, and receive personal revelation.  I only wish that I could attend more often.  
     I am thankful for all of our extended family.  We have the blessing of having everyone live close by.  I love that my children can have such a close relationship with their grandparents.  I feel so blessed that they have them as examples and to learn from, as well as their aunts, uncles, and cousins.   I am also thankful for the wonderful friends in my life.  They are great examples to me and are always there to lend me a shoulder to lean on if need be.  
     Yes, I am truly blessed.  I am thankful for this time to pause and give thanks.  I know I need to do it more often.  Thank you to all who read this.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

If gymnastics were easy, it would be called football

Hannah had her first in house gymnastics meet today in preparation for their first real meet in a couple of weeks.  She has been doing gymnastics on and off for a few years now.  In August, she got serious about it though and joined a team. She practices 2 nights a week for 2 1/2 hours each!  Her coach wants her coming a 3rd day but I just can't bear to have her gone another night.  She started at a Level 4, which is pretty good to begin with.  There are gymnasts who have been there awhile and are at a level 5.  Hannah is only 1 skill away from moving up.  We got to watch a level 10 gymnast compete today and it was so amazing.  I can totally see Hannah there someday.  She has a lot of natural ability and she is built just like a little gymnast.  Have you seen her guns?  Ask her sometime and maybe she'll pull them out.  At home, Hannah is never at a standstill.  She is either on her head, hands, in the air, or on the trampoline practicing double and triple backflips.  She has even turned our couch into her own personal vault.  She is begging her dad to make her some bars and a beam for Christmas.  I have posted a video of her floor routine today, which she told me she got an 8.9 score for.  There were real judges there and everything.  I was so proud of the way Hannah did today.  She didn't even act a bit nervous.  Way to go Hannah!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wanna Smooch?

Zoe enjoyed a breakfast of chocolate peanut butter fondue and strawberries! She was having so much fun dipping and eating I just had to get a picture of her.

Disney on Ice

My parents took us all to Disney on Ice on Friday night. It was so much fun! We saw all of the Disney characters! Hallie and Stella's favorites were of course, the Princesses. I think Hannah even said she liked the princesses best. My favorite were the Incredibles! Jed, Tucker and Zoe opted out and went to the ski swap instead. I am sure they had just as much fun there. Thanks so much to my mom and dad for making it possible for us to go. I know my girls will never forget it. You will have to ask my dad sometime about the cost of spun sugar!!!
Katie and Troy and kids and Brandon and Britt and kids also came with us!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am a Child of God

Stella loves to sing all of the Primary songs, but this one is her favorite! She is now working on memorizing "Called to Serve", I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a super fun Halloween this year!  Tucker dressed up as Eragon and Hannah was a baby.  Hallie decided to be a BSU Cheerleader, and Stella was the infamous Nacho Libre!  And Zoe was going to be Tinkerbell but due to her behavior as of lately, we decided to throw her in the monster costume to match her new personality (there are two extra neighbors in the picture).  We started out at the Trunk-R-Treat at our church and then went up to our friend's house in Hillsdale for some more fun.  We have heard rumors of huge candy bars being handed out there so the bigger kids went to see if it was true!  They came back with tons of candy and also confirmed the rumor.  While they were out trick-or-treating the little kids and the adults visited, ate yummy soup and partied.  Thanks to the Bruneels for hosting everybody.   After we got home I asked the kids if they wanted to leave their candy bags out for the Halloween fairy.  Everyone but Tucker agreed, so they picked out their 10 favorite pieces and left the rest for the Halloween fairy.  They were surprised in the morning when the fairy had replaced their candy with a fun game.  Tucker on the other hand ate himself sick and has since slowed down on the intake..  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. Just for fun.

This is Stella's Halloween costume this year.  She loves Nahco Libre.  She has the whole movie memorized.  I think she pulls it off rather nicely don't you?  Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Day of School

This year Tucker is in 6th grade!  I can't believe he is a middle schooler.  Hannah is in 3rd grade, and Hallie is in Kindergarten!!  Hallie seems much to small to me to start kindergarten.  Every time she gets on the bus I think to myself, "she should stay home with me, she's too little to go to school".  But of course, Hallie thinks otherwise.  She is so "big"!  And Stella is a busy woman.  She goes to a preschool co-op two days a week and then to Grandma's preschool for an afternoon.  I miss her when she's not around.  Zoe misses her too, she walks around like a lost puppy looking for a friend.  Everyone but mom is excited for this school year.  I really like when my kids are at home.  I miss them all day long.  

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Triathletes

In August, my husband and kids participated in a triathlon.  I was so proud of all of them.  It was my husband's first one.  He was amazing, finishing in just under 3 hours.  It was Stella's first one also.  She was so cute.  I ran with her and she ran most of the way.  Tucker, Hannah, and Hallie are old pros.  This was their 2nd year participating.  It was on Tucker's birthday and he still wanted to do it.  I was so proud of them.  I am thankful for my family's good health, that they can do things like this.  Staying fit and active is important to me, and I feel so blessed that my family agrees!

It's Official, I am a blogger!

Due to the constant "encouraging" of family and friends, I have decided to start a blog.  I think it will be a good way to share pictures of our family and journal our life's happenings.  So be patient and forgive me if I take awhile to figure this whole thing out.  Feel free to give me some tips and pointers too.  Like, how do all you guys have such cute pages?