Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is my Valentine of 14 years.  He is still just as handsome and I am even more in love with him today.
We had a busy Valentine's Day this year.  All the kids woke up to find special Valentine surprises outside their bedroom doors, and then they were off to go skiing.  Tucker had a race up at Bogus so Jed took the kids who wanted to go.  Look at those cold red cheeks.  We don't know where he placed, but he says he did his best.   
Then in the late afternoon we were off to another of Hannah's gymnastics meets.  She did really good.  She got her personal best on the beam, and came in 4th this time in the all around.  Great job Hannah.
Every Valentine's Day we have a family tradition of getting Chinese food and bringing it home to eat it at the table that is decorated with fancy glasses (not a single one broke this year :-)) candies, and candlelight. We finish dinner off with homemade chocolate dipped strawberies.  I love spending this special day with all of my Valentines.  Unfortunately with our busy day we had to put off our dinner until 8:00, and our little Zoe just couldn't make it that late.  We missed her at the table but maybe that contributed to our success of no broken glasses.  Then we all snuggled up together to watch Madagascar 2.
Hope each and everyone else had as wonderful of a day as I did.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stella's Birthday Continued

Stella started out the morning with some Birthday Fruity Pebbles, and got to open one present.  Drum roll................. It was a Build A Bear gift card!  So I took her there later in the day so she could "buird" (her word) one.
When we got there she got to pick out whatever animal she wanted.  I think she picked out every single one by the time she actually picked out the ONE.  She picked out a dog.
Then she got to push the pedal to put stuffing in her dog and pick out a heart and give it a kiss and a wish and stick it in her doggy.  She also picked out a noise that the dog would make if you squeeze its paw.  Stella being Stella, picked out a loud lion sounding roar instead of a dog barking.
Here she is giving her new doggy a bath and a brushing.  Then we were off to pick out new clothes for it.  She decided the dog would be a girl.
Then she got to get on the computer and make a birth certificate.  She named her new dog Marshmallow.
Here is the finished product.  Isn't she cute? 
Stella wanted a giant sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles for her birthday cake.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Stella!

10 Things I love about you
1. Your contagious laugh
2. Your beautiful new hairdo (more about that later)
3. Your ability to have fun all the time
4. Your sweet spirit
5. Your blue blue eyes
6. Your friendly personality
7. Your facial expresssions (priceless)
8. Your snuggleability
9. Your loving affection
10. The way you pronounce your L's (dubber bucker anyone?)

Oh yes, I promised more about the hair.  Well, she got a little gum in the ends of it and her wonderful cousin thought he would be so helpful and cut it out for her! I was gone at the time but my mom was babysitting and said they were so proud of the job they had done.  Needless to say, we had to take her to get it evened out later.  She had to get about 6 inches cut off.  No worries though, it suits her perfectly and her hair still swings when she walks.  Love you Stella!

Monday, February 2, 2009

5th Place in the All Around!

Hannah competed in the Gem State Invitational this weekend. She did awesome. Now when she competes her nerves are calm and she can focus on her skills. Here is a rundown of how she did.
Vault - 8.75 (5th place) Bars - 8.2 (6th)
Beam - 8.1 (6th place) Floor - 8.1 (4th)
All Around - 33.150 (5th place)
This is only her 2nd real meet! We are so super proud of you Hannah!
Here is the video of her bar routine.