Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Update.. Yes he made it down!

The fireman were able to save Santa (of course) from the roof and get him safely down and inside where he could let the children sit on his lap.  He also brought lots of presents for the good little boys and girls.
Santa is not Zoe's best friend yet..
This is Hannah asking for a beam, bars, vault, and springboard!!
Stella was SUPER excited to see Santa and couldn't wait to sit on his lap!  She asked for a boy baby and a girl baby.
Hallie really wants a Webkinz for Christmas, and was so disappointed that Santa didn't bring it to her at that moment.
Tucker is still not too big to sit on Santa's lap.  But the price of his wish list IS getting too big.


Brittany Cooper said...

that sounds like fun! Gotta love firefighters, they think of everything:) good luck fitting a vault, springboard, beam, etc in the house!

Erik & Marcie +2 said...

Oh my gosh too funny. My sister asked for a beam for Christmas once too, and actually got it! I know, crazy! My parents still have it too.