Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread Architects

We decided to get together with our good friends, the Bruneels, and construct some fancy gingerbread houses.  There was a ton of candy, frosting, and creativity.  I think some of the candy even ended up on the gingerbread houses!
This is our finished gingerbread village.  Don't they look cute?
This is our Stella, she decided to turn herself into a gingerbread house and spread frosting all over her shirt! Surprised?  Me neither.
    Zoe's diet consists of strictly candy, so she was in heaven! Her candy never even made it onto her gingerbread house.
The 3 Musketeers, in all their glory.  All the candy they could want at their level and no one telling them no!  I have a cute picture of Eli covered in frosting but it wouldn't upload. 
The artists, formerly known as kids, creating their edible masterpieces.  They worked so hard on them and the finished products turned out so cute!  My kids brought theirs home and had them eaten in about 2 days.  Whoops, I guess we won't have a gingerbread village at our house.

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kalani said...

Way cute village. We usually are lucky to get one done so I am impressed that you made so many.