Monday, October 27, 2008

1st Day of School

This year Tucker is in 6th grade!  I can't believe he is a middle schooler.  Hannah is in 3rd grade, and Hallie is in Kindergarten!!  Hallie seems much to small to me to start kindergarten.  Every time she gets on the bus I think to myself, "she should stay home with me, she's too little to go to school".  But of course, Hallie thinks otherwise.  She is so "big"!  And Stella is a busy woman.  She goes to a preschool co-op two days a week and then to Grandma's preschool for an afternoon.  I miss her when she's not around.  Zoe misses her too, she walks around like a lost puppy looking for a friend.  Everyone but mom is excited for this school year.  I really like when my kids are at home.  I miss them all day long.  

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