Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Mom, Buddy IS real!"

We had a special visitor come the day after Thanksgiving.  He let us know that he was here on an errand for Santa.  He is to watch over us every day and report back to Santa at night to let him know of our kind deeds, and misbehavior.  We got to give him a name, but we are not to touch him, so his Christmas magic won't go away.  Our family voted, and gave him the name Buddy.  Fred came in a close second.  Santa gave him strict orders not to talk to us, but he can watch over us and follow us around to school, and other places, so long as he does this secretly.  Every morning when we wake up he is in a different spot and my kids love seeing who can seek him out first.  Well, Hallie, who is 5 years old, proclaimed one day early on that Buddy is not real, mom, he is plastic!!  So she was a nonbeliever until, one morning when she woke up, Buddy was watching us from the ceiling fan 16 feet off the ground (Zoe actually found him first that day).  Hallie stated very excitedly, "Mom! Buddy IS real, because no one can reach up there.  He really can fly!".  So we are here to tell you that the Christmas magic is alive and well here at the Simpson home.  


Jessica said...

That is so great. I am glad she is now a believer.

Peter and Julia said...

That is such a cute idea. You always have great ideas!! To put Buddy on a ceiling fan, too, and she had the perfect reaction! So funny.

alli said...

Cute buddy!