Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a super fun Halloween this year!  Tucker dressed up as Eragon and Hannah was a baby.  Hallie decided to be a BSU Cheerleader, and Stella was the infamous Nacho Libre!  And Zoe was going to be Tinkerbell but due to her behavior as of lately, we decided to throw her in the monster costume to match her new personality (there are two extra neighbors in the picture).  We started out at the Trunk-R-Treat at our church and then went up to our friend's house in Hillsdale for some more fun.  We have heard rumors of huge candy bars being handed out there so the bigger kids went to see if it was true!  They came back with tons of candy and also confirmed the rumor.  While they were out trick-or-treating the little kids and the adults visited, ate yummy soup and partied.  Thanks to the Bruneels for hosting everybody.   After we got home I asked the kids if they wanted to leave their candy bags out for the Halloween fairy.  Everyone but Tucker agreed, so they picked out their 10 favorite pieces and left the rest for the Halloween fairy.  They were surprised in the morning when the fairy had replaced their candy with a fun game.  Tucker on the other hand ate himself sick and has since slowed down on the intake..  


Aryn said...

O.K. I'm glad you didn't mind that I posted a picture of your Stella on my blog - I couldn't get over how cute she looked and it was so different then the usual princess or girly costume that so many girls her age want to be- I LOVED IT! It was fun seeing your cute blog. All your kids are so adorable.

James & Jessi McCalvy said...

Halloween Fairy! What a fun idea. What does the Halloween fairy look like?