Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yellowstone Trip Aug. 2009

The fam took a trip to Yellowstone this summer with Grandma and Grandpa Shaw and the Ball and Shaw family. We stayed in Island Park at an amazing cabin and everyone had a blast. We got our family photos taken at the Playhouse at Macks Inn. Most of us also were able to go see a play that they put on at Macks, it was called "Less Miserables", a funny take on Les Mis.
The whole Fam Damily!!
One of the many beautiful works of nature we saw.
At one of our stops we had to hike down to the waterfall, well on the hike there were a few snakes spotted and one stepped on (ask Hallie about it). If you know me at all, you know I am super scared of snakes so my sweet bro gave me a ride over the snakey part. My hero!!
We did some fishing, and more fishing.... And Jed did EVEN MORE fishing, but nothing was ever really caught. Better luck next time guys.
Our friends lent us some super cool rockets to take on the trip. You make your own paper rocket and then launch them into the air by stomping on a 2 liter bottle connected to some pvc pipe which shoots air up through the rocket to launch it into the air. The kids and adults had lots of fun with these. Thanks Ross'!
This is a view from the top of the paint pots in Yellowstone.
The kids got to see some elk up close! They also got to spend ALL their souvenir money at the shops around the park.
Another of the beautiful views we encountered. Christmas card pic????? Notice the hat Stella is wearing. This is THE SOUVENIR that she really wanted and bought with her money, she then proceeded to wear it the WHOLE entire time on vacation and well into the next month. It was super cute.
And YES we did see a bear!!! Jed got pretty close up to it and then the ranger gave him heck!! But it really was the bears fault. It came up to Jed.
It was a good time had by all I think. Definitely one to remember. It was a little weird though to go on a weeks vacation and not have the boats with us. We were all having some withdrawals and decided next time we would bring at least one boat.

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Sarah said...

I love how in the old-timey picture of your entire family, it looks like Jed is holding the gun on you. And the girl in the bottom left of the picture is so cute.

Fun post!