Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tucker's 1st official Boy Scout Campout

This is Tucker's 1st Backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts. Lucky for me, Jed is the scoutmaster and gets to go with him. They went to Boulder Lake.
Taking a break from the trail.

Boulder Lake
My 2 favorite guys! Aren't they handsome?
Tucker's 1st camput turned out to be a very memorable one for him. While he was carving some wood with his brand new souvenir from Yellowstone it slipped and sliced his hand. It was bad enough to need stitches so Jed had to make a decision. Pack up and hike back to the car for 2 miles and drive to McCall to the hospital, OR stitch up Tucker himself. Those of you who know Jed you know what he chose.
YEP Jed gave Tucker 5 stitches in his hand without any sort of numbing or pain killing medicine. He just happened to have a sucher kit with him. Tucker is a very brave soul!! I asked him if he had to bite on a stick or something and he said he pinched his arm. Whatever works I guess.

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