Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monkey Dooz!

Hallie really wanted to go to Monkey Dooz for her 6th Birthday so I scheduled a Birthday Makeover for her.  First, she got her nails done.  She picked a cute pink color with pink glitter sprinkled over them.
Then she got her makeup done.  The lady said she wasn't even going to bother with the mascara because Hallie's eyelashes are so stinking long, thick and dark on their own (lucky girl).
Then it was off to the pink Barbie jeep for a little trim and a cute new do.  She decided to get some hot pink highlights followed up with some sparkling glitter.
Afterwards, they took her to a fancy room with a decked out table and served her a brownie with hot fudge and whipped cream and a sparkling strawberry soda complete with umbrella.  
Here is the finished product.  I think she is really 6 going on 16!  Oh I can't wait for her teenage years.  It was a super fun time and she loved it all.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Hallie. That looked like a fun day.

Peter and Julia said...

So fun! You guys do birthdays well!

Chelsea said...

Pretty sure you are the best Mom in the world. What a fun day! What lucky kids you have!

Erik & Marcie +2 said...

How fun!! She looks so beautiful. Watch out for those boys!!