Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The girls new room

I recently painted Hallie and Stella's room. It was a light powder pink. We decided to go bold and bright. So I chose a happy orange color with white and pink stripes. I think it turned out great. Jed thought it was a bit bright.
I pulled the colors from the girls bedspreads. Kind of a surfer girl look.
Their bedspreads came in bags that were made out of the same material so I used them to Mod Podge their ceiling fan. It was a fun project and the girls just love it!


Kim Davis said...

Way to go Maria! I absolutely love the wall color and ceiling fan. I would never have thought to mod podge it! It all looks great.

Jessica said...

The room looks so great! Good job!

Jill Baird said...

You really can mod podge anything!?! The room is super cute.