Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Band Concert

Tucker had his spring concert for band on Thursday.  I think they have improved tremendously since the Christmas concert.  They sounded great!!  Tucker has had his challenge with practicing but I think he needs a stricter mom for that.  
This is my cute band boy.  He started out the first semester playing the trumpet but then decided to switch over to the trombone.  I think he will be glad to be done though, that trombone case is huge and he had to carry it back and forth to school.  
Also, if you notice, Tucker got glasses.  He says he can see so much clearer now!  Just in time for 7 more days of school.  


Jessica said...

That was the first thing I noticed on him... His new glasses! Very Handsome.

Kim Davis said...

Love the new glasses!I can't believe how much Tucker is growing up. Tall, dark and handsome!

kalani said...

He looks great in glasses.

wangzi said...

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