Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nachooooooooooo LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBre

We have not formally introduced our new little gift from Santa.  This is Nacho.  He is a chihuahua.  Tiny but Mighty!!  As you can see, Tucker is very proud of him.  Tucker loves to have him sleep in his room with him every night.  Which is way okay with me because I don't have to get up with him.  Tucker loves it.  Another boy in the house.  He is super protective of Nacho too, which he has to be because Stella just loves to carry him around all day and Zoe loves to hold him and tell him "NO Nacho!"  all day long.
Nacho says Hola!!


Jessi McCalvy said...

Is he REALLY wearing a sweater!!?! Too funny. I love it. You guys are so fun! We want to meet Nacho next time we're in town. Any chance you'll be in UT anytime???

Brittany Cooper said...

He's adorable, your family has so much FUN!!

Peter and Julia said...

I thought you didn't like dogs Maria???:) And that's great that Tucker will get up with him:) He is a cute little dog. Marissa got a little shitsu so you should bring him to the 4th and they will have a playdate.. haha.